It's been a long road, friends.

And a confusing one, at that. You see, I'm going to be completely transparent here. I've been a photographer since 2005 and have experienced my fair share of "burnout". For years, I worked as a photographer for my mentor and, while I loved it and appreciate the fact that I found my passion through happenstance, I often felt pigeonholed into their business model. Of course, I understood that, but my creative heart couldn't pursue what it wanted. Time constraints, minimal client interaction and many other responsibilities that just made it impossible to really test my limits.

After almost ten years of working there, I moved out of state, which presented an opportunity to go after MY style; and I was able to for a time. Unfortunately, my life was not in a place where I had the means to branch out. I tried, believe you me, but it was road block after road block. Eventually, I found myself going in a different direction and photography took a backseat.

Again, life was chaotic and, although I yearned to really mold my style into what I envisioned, I began to lack confidence in myself, my skillset and questioned so many times if this is REALLY what I wanted. I said, "Self, you're not ready. You still have some growing up to do." And this was at 40 years old!

So. Here we are, the back half of 2023 and I'm FINALLY to a place where I can say, "Let go." To dig my heels, work for myself and the clients I want and create art and memories that perfect strangers can enjoy. Photography is more than just a pretty photo to me. It's art. It's emotion. It's a memory that time has abandoned. Pictures can be healing in our darkest moments and evoke something buried in our souls. I don't want you to see just a stunning landscape or a beautiful smile; I want you to look at a moment frozen in time and wonder what's happening behind that smile. What prompted that person to beam from ear to ear. Why do they look lost in thought or how did these two people fall so deeply in love.

I'm going to be one of those cliche photographers that insist they want to tell your story. Sorry but I'm also not sorry because, at the heart of every image, IS a story. A sentence in that persons chapter. A prelude, perhaps. Or the plot unfolding, with our protagonist just wishing you'd flip to the next page. And even...the end. Or the beginning of the end.

So, I ask you...

What's YOUR story, because I'm dying to hear it as only you can tell it.